Respect for human values

We ensure that our partners and all those who work with us respect people, French labour laws and our values of dignity and respect.

Innovative technology

At the heart of our creations, which make the magic of our lighting possible, are the latest LED technologies, combined with our process of material capture, allowing us to revolutionise lighting thanks to an innovative and exclusive process: light refraction.


Our products, packaging and communication supports are made in France using short supply chains, and recyclable or recycled materials. We offer long life products, and consignment of our lampshades.

Quality & know-how

Our products and creations are designed and manufactured with the utmost rigour, in the image of our craftsmen who are former students of the Ecole Boulle, or our partners who are EPV or Atelier d’Art de France registered.

French manufacturing

French manufacturing is not an option but an obvious choice in the context of our prestigious products and French luxury, of our artisanal know-how, and of our environmental requirements.

Sourced materials

Our products are made from the finest materials: crystal, gold, brass, marble, Japanese paper or carbon. Avant-garde design and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Responsible design and communication

From design to manufacturing, including our business cards, to our packaging and of course our products, we have a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility.


Crafts and manufacturing

Our products are handcrafted in central France and are made to order. We use short supply chains and produce on demand in order to optimise our energy consumption.

A returnable lampshade

Our concept of interchangeable lampshades aims to reuse a long-lasting material. Our lampshades are guaranteed for ten years, are repairable, and do not yellow; you can replace your lampshade to change the atmosphere of your lamp while keeping the lamp’s structure. When your lamp reaches the end of its useful life, we will either collect it and provide you with a new one at a reduced price, or we will recycle 98% of it.


LEDs as a responsible lighting solution

The light source is a high performance LED with extremely long life and low power consumption, and the power supplies can be replaced separately if required.

Partners who fit our vision

Our partners are chosen in accordance with this logic and share our philosophy; they are French companies registered with the Ateliers d’art de France, that have an « EPV » label, that use recyclable products and have short supply chains. Together, we form a responsible manufacturing network.